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Most of our guests are looking for local specialties, hidden gems, or great crafts. Here we present just a small selection of them to highlight the unusual yet renowned for their quality and beauty around the world.



Amber has always been the native gemstone of Poland. The country's coastline once supplied ancient Greeks and Romans with their precious 'electrum' via the famous Amber Road that used to connect the Baltic Sea with the Mediterranean.



Silk manufacturing in Poland is almost 100 years old and is now going through its renaissance. You can browse various traditional Polish flowery patterns or choose one of your choice and have it manually painted by an artist.



"The tableware of the kings" with regional patterns has always been present in Polish history. You can choose from a variety of shapes and designs or even create your own line that will match your house or favorite patterns.



You will find a great selection of unprecedented style and beauty from the top Polish designers or the ones just entering the global scene. Visit their studios and meet them in person to decide whether they are a good match for your sense of style.

We realize there is more to explore and only the space here is limited but not your options. Get in touch with us to let us know what you fancy.

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