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Regardless whether you are planning family holidays, romantic trip for two or an extended business stay, look no further and take advantage of our professional and personalized services. Find out more about our services and contact us if you have any questions.


Traveling with children is wonderful and provides you with unforgettable moments. Based on your family preferences we will present to you a holiday plan that will balance very active and calm times to help you connect in the most comfortable environment. We will take care of all the other things so you can focus on your loved ones. Doctors on calls, nurse assistance or simply making sure your kid is always in the car seat is not what you want to focus on while having quality time - we will look after all those things.



It is your time. Take it slowly or make it very vibrant. From skydiving and 4x4 expeditions to shopping trips and art gallery visits. We will make sure you get the best out of these worlds and seamlessly spend your holidays here. All you have to do is tell us about your expectations and we will make it the holiday of your lifetime. We will provide you with the most spectacular places to stay, arrange for the best dining experience and book the activity program based on your tastes and likes. You have come to have the best time here and we will live to make it happen.



You do not need to worry about your itinerary yet still, some things need to be arranged to make your travel seamless. Let us help you from the moment you step off the plane: our concierge will wait for you with the driver or your temp assistant; your business meetings can go smoothly with our interpreters and we can also arrange for a second opinion for your business decision. We will let you know where to unwind and relax after a busy day and what are the best choices for dining. Or you may want to engage your business partners on the race track - we can arrange that too.



Find a luxury retreat for your family or group of friends. Stay and relax and our concierge will always be to assist you. You can choose from a variety of options and locations - all depending on your plan: close to a city or in a secluded nature reserve. Our services would always be at your fingertips should you decide to take on a day trip or shop for jewelry or designer clothes without leaving your property. We are open to hearing your needs.


You decide what you want to do and we will provide you with the best plan for it. Poland is a country of endless opportunities so we can cater to all our guests requirements.

Services: Usługi


Whether you are looking for a family hideout for the summer, tailored holiday experience or the right education for your children - we aim to deliver the best in class options for you.



We help families to find the best holiday homes for the summer. Either in the vibrant part of a city or in a secluded forest by the lake. Let us know what your family needs to make it a perfect holiday.


This is the right option when you want to rest while your body and soul get elevated to a new level. You can simply soak in a jacuzzi with your favorite drink or let best-in-class doctors work on your treatment.



We provide you with the full spectrum of higher education choices to design the right future for your children. We offer a range of additional services so your loved ones can fully focus on student life while we take care of the rest.

Services: Usługi
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