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Studies at all levels and specializations

What level of studies are you interested in? Do you have all the relevant documents confirming your education? How does admission to a university work? Are you eligible for a scholarship?

You will not find answers to those questions on blogs and websites. Why? Those questions are very personal; for every person, there would be a different answer.

Imagine, you do not miss any opportunity for scholarship or a course at a great price.

Imagine, you do not worry about the admission deadlines or the visa application.

Imagine, all the process go smooth and you come to Poland to start your semester.

Imagine or let us work for you!

Bachelor Degree
(B.Sc. or B.A.)

Study in Poland by Marhaba Poland

Master Degree
(M.Sc. or M.A.)

MSc course lasts from 1.5 (if you hold an engineering degree) to 2 years.

Study in Poland by Marhaba Poland

Doctoral Degree
(Ph. D.)

PhD studies take usually 4 years. A scholarship is available for anyone.

Study in Poland by Marhaba Poland

Bachelor's degree will last from 3 years to 4 years - for an engineer.

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Study in Poland by Marhaba Poland


A graduate of management has the skills necessary to manage a small to medium-sized manufacturing/service company as well as units of government administration and local government. At the same time the students obtain knowledge in the areas of economics, accounting and finance, marketing and Public Relations, which allows them to independently assess the financial position of a company and to take care of its further development, while shaping the company’s external image in cooperation with the media.

Study in Poland by Marhaba Poland


Medical study in Poland ranks among the most sought-after training opportunities throughout Europe. This is due to the high academic demands of Polish universities, and the excellent reputation of their alumni. Students from over 100 countries study to obtain a degree in Poland and receive a diploma that is recognised worldwide. For doctors deciding to continue their career in Poland there are always open job opportunities at the best hospitals and clinics awaiting.

Study in Poland by Marhaba Poland


You can hear about Poland being “the IT center of Europe”. This is the result of both the creation of domestic IT companies and the enormous interest of international corporations in opening their branches and large centers of modern services in Poland, employing hundreds of employees. There’s no doubt that the IT sector is one of the main drivers of the growth of Polish economic development. So is the demand for IT specialists especially - computer science program graduates. Study it and start your career already while at the university.

Study in Poland by Marhaba Poland


If you're the analytical type, fascinated by the world around you, then an economics major might be a good choice for you. A degree in economics can help you get started in many areas, including public policy and finance. An economics degree will boost your employability in many areas, regardless of the industry you work in. There is strong demand for highly numerate graduates throughout the global labor market, and the widely transferable analytical and problem-solving skills developed by economics students mean that careers in economics are extremely wide-ranging and diverse.

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Do not worry. Universities in Poland offer international students over 1000 courses in English language only. We guide students across different disciplines: starting from arts and philosophy, through social sciences, nursing to civil engineering or dendrology.

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